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We print your crads!We now are offering print services for people want to publish their own card games!

Currently we are printing ONLY card games, and we have already been told that our prices are quite affordable and our quality is as good as it gets!

If you are interested in a printing quote please go to our printing quotation page and fill out our questionnaire!

Once you have filled out our form, one of our sales staff memebers will be in touch with you soon!

Home Of the Braaaaains! Card Game!Top Media Studios began in May of 2012 with the flagship card game “BRAAAAAINS!” and it has found great success selling thousands of copies nation-wide!

In our modern “high-tech” era, games that families and friends can play together at the kitchen table tends to strengthen that special bond that seems to be missing with the online gaming craze. We believe that families that spend regular and ongoing time together doing something like playing board or card games have healthier communication skills and have the ability to work together better than families who have been separated by technology.

Our mission statement is simple:

Bringing families and friends closer together through fun, and old fashioned togetherness!

Sign up for our Lazy Gamer Contest!  The Lazy Gamer Contest

Unlike many other contests out there, we are not going to require you to sing, dance, or jump through flaming hoops!

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Event CalendarThis year we plan on being at many more conventions!!!

We are also going to hold some "Game Jams" that could be in your local area.

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We hope to see you there!

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